Friday, 13 June 2014

100 wc

100 Word Challenge 
oh,no,a giant egg cracked.oh that how should we work so now get started and check how.I’ll block this off so no person can not eat this cream egg.hay let me touch that thing .I can’t get this off my hand help I'm stuck in this cream get me out ta here.and where does this came from.well why won't we clean this up what clean this they clean up hole place but they still what to check the giant creamy egg. and then they remove the egg but they still clean it up
BoqJ1M8IcAEuSJ6 Week#36


  1. WOW!!! That is so so so cool.
    Ka mau te wehi.
    How did you do that?

  2. Kia ora Pharrell from Mrs Morgan-French. I like the way you explained what the characters in the picture were doing with the safety cones and why. Tu meke.

  3. Hi Pharrell I love the giant creamy egg you have on your blog. I think it looks yummy i would love to eat that. And I really like the story you wrote about the giant creamy egg.

    1. how dear you About my chocolate creamy egg

  4. Hi pharrell I like how you put a creamy egg in the story I think it looks so so so YUMMY

  5. Hi Pharrell that is cool piece of writing but you forgot to do capital letters. Were did you get the creamy egg from and the little people hope you do more?

  6. Hi Pharrell I like the picture of the chocolate egg, the little men in it are cool to and the writing is awesome. But remember Pharrell you have to use capital letters at the start of a sentence but still really cool. Keep up the good work.